Monday, January 12, 2015

Things I want to remember and share with Sue Ling

Since we started our pursuit for Sue Ling, we have received so many messages from people that have met Sue Ling, seen her on the waiting list, or have prayed for her.  These contacts have always warmed our hearts and have confirmed to us that the Lord has orchestrated this whole plan.  These special messages are things I do not want to forget...ever!  I will always cherish them in my heart:

" I am so happy to hear this! She captured my husbands heart when she was listed with Lifeline and we have been praying for her to find a family. And you could be her family! Amazing! She is a special little girl. I have pictures of her eating in the dining hall! We talked to her while she was eating and she is just so sweet.... my daughter was so excited to hear about Sue Ling today, (she went on the trip with me) and she reminded me of a couple other things to tell you ...She has the cutest dimples when she smiles and she blew us kisses as we left the room. Just precious!"

"Oh my gosh!!!!!!  I met her... And fell in love with her. She was eating a bowl of pasta soup of some sort at a little table with other kids. I knelt down beside her, looked her in the eyes and said "Wo ai ni" (I love you). She smiled at me when I said that. She is so beautiful, Amy.  I rubbed her little hand. Her eyes were so soulful.  I had no idea how long she'd been on the waiting child list and prayed for a family to be called to her. We are thrilled!"

"You don't know me but I'm so excited for you guys and your sweet little girl!! When I found out she had a family I was so excited! Loved her when we met her. She had so much joy! Praying for you guys! Hope you are able to travel soon to bring her home!!"

"This will make my seven year olds day! He has prayed fervently for her for a really long time. One time I walked up to his huddle at soccer practice and he had the whole team praying for her to find a family! I am so thrilled for y'all!! She has grown up so much since her videos. Precious!...I showed him the picture of her tonight and he was giddy with excitement. He seriously prayed for her at every meal, on the way to school and at bedtime before we saw she had a family on the website. We have prayed for lots of waiting kiddos but your precious daughter was different for him. Maybe because they are so close in age? If we hadn't been matched at the time with our little girl, I would have thought she was ours because he has felt so passionately about her. Anyway, I am thrilled to be "friends" with you so we can follow your journey! I can't wait to see her in her mama's arms

So many more loving messages sent by family, friends, and strangers...I can't list them all!  But what has touched my heart the most, is that people have been so faithful to pray for Sue Ling and for us.  Special stuff. 

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