Friday, January 16, 2015


Anticipation continues to grow as we get closer to our departure.  So many thoughts, feelings, emotions are stirring that I can't even process or verbalize them.  We have waited for so long for this moment to come...but even in the 11 years of waiting, everything seems to be rushing in so fast that I can't get a grasp on it.  As we grow closer, a feeling of finding quietness and rest continues to lay on my mind.  But my mind and emotions seem to be going in a million directions!!  So over the next few weeks, I'll be laying low and trying to find some quietude.  Focusing on resting in the Lord and seeking His guidance in the journey ahead.  A sabbatical of sorts.  I desperately need to surrender everything to Him...who is, and has been, the author of this whole journey.  Soaking in His presence.  Focusing on the task He has before us...focused on a special little girl.  Her needs, her emotions, her heart, her best interest.  And trying to savor the journey so that we can treasure the memories in our hearts.  Not worrying about logistics...not worrying about everything I need to pack...not worrying how we can take pictures to capture moments...not worrying about staying in touch with the world via internet...

Quieting my spirit and removing "me" from the picture.  Focusing on a precious girl that has come from a broken past.  She doesn't have any clue that there is One that can take those broken pieces, and can will rework them into a beautiful mosaic.  Just as He continues to work in the brokenness of her Baba and Mama.  What a relief to know that we can all be broken together.  He is able to help us day-by-day.

So, we anticipate the addition to this family....and I think the addition is anticipating us!!

Just days ago, one of Sue Ling's little friends, was able to leave the orphanage with his forever family.  This child has been in many pictures and videos that we have...we were so very excited for them!  This mom shared some moments she captured that day.  They had come to the orphanage to visit and allow the little one to say goodbye to friends and nannies.  (Hard day).  She captured the moment that they arrived and Sue Ling was there to say hello!

Her friend had been missing for a few days...I think she missed him!  My heart jumped for joy thinking about the little guy getting to go home!  My heart swelled with the thought that Sue Ling will soon be in his shoes!  My heart broke for my little girl.  She has already started saying goodbye to the only world she has known...and it will get harder.  Lord, soothe her little heart!

Now, back up a few weeks....we have been able to make a special friendship with a family that volunteer at the orphanage.  Our friend has been helping with preparing Sue Ling for our arrival.  (Sue Ling also has a photo album of her Mama and Baba that the orphanage is using to prepare her). 

Our friend told us this a few weeks ago:

"Hi! Saw your girl today. She was sitting in one of the preschool rooms drawing on a Magna Doodle. She seemed to be having fun with that. Every time she sees me now, she smiles and shouts "Baba he Mama" which means "Daddy and Mommy". And then I always tell her in Chinese, "Yes, Sue, your mom and dad are my friends!""

The same day, when this picture was taken above, we received this message:

"Hi, You guys have been on my heart this week. One of Sue's friends/roommates got to go home this week and I kept thinking, "Sue is next!!!" She continues to yell out "MAMA and BABA!!!" in the cutest, most enthusiastic voice ever. She does this to other foreigners now too...This girl is so special to so many, we just can hardly wait for you to have her."

What Mama could ask for more than that?  This confirmed to me that our Sue Ling is beginning to anticipate us!!  She's made a connection.  She may not totally understand what all this means, but she knows she has a Mama and Baba out there somewhere.  One day soon we will be able to say "Yes, Sue Ling, we are your Mama and Baba!!!"  Can't wait!

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  1. Praise the Lord for all He is doing and will continue to do in all of your hearts and lives!