Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating love!

This Valentine's Day was a special one.  Nothing fancy!  Wilson did remember to get me something...picked up some chocolates to thank me for not deciding to be friends 11 years ago.  :) 
And a card unsigned (his signature move).  We also visited with his grandmother, which was long overdue.  We enjoyed ourselves and needed that time together.  Even if it was driving in a car and stopping at McDonald's on the way home.  Valentine's Day to me is more about the little things than fighting the crowds to eat at an overcrowded restaurant.  It's more than flowers that will fade in a few days and are overpriced.  It's special to spend time with my hubby and have memories that will last a lifetime.  Enjoying his presence. 

(My present to Wilson was a "Wilson" brand football.  A children's size, in the shade of pink rather than brown.  She will be the first female punter in the NFL.)

One of the things that I anticipate the most about the adoption is seeing Wilson as a Baba (Daddy).  He's going to be an excellent one!  Sue Ling has already made him a big mushy mess.  He talks to her in the house on a regular basis (no she is not here yet)!  He tells her to get ready for bed, calls her to the dinner table, and has a conversation with her in the back seat of the car (the empty car seat).  Many times, Sue Ling is the first thing he speaks about when his eyes open in the morning.  He talks about her before he even gets out of the bed.  When he kisses me goodbye, he also kisses Sue Ling (which he imagines will be laying in the bed next to me in the morning).  He talks constantly about picking her up and carrying her around EVERYWHERE.  One time we were leaving a restaurant and he was calling Sue Ling to walk over to see something in the parking lot....then realized there were people eating outside wondering what this man was doing! Made me chuckle.  He was holding her hand (the air) while talking to her.  CAN I SAY, THIS MAN HAS IT BAD!!!

I love that he gets teary eyed when he talks about her.  I love that his heart is so big and full of love.  I love that he tells me daily that he will always take care of matter what it takes.  I love that he buys the kids meal at lunch sometimes, just because he can't wait to buy one for her in the future.  I ask him if he will love her more than me...I know the truth.  He's going to love us both, with all that is in him. 
He's going to be one great Baba.  She is going to be one lucky girl...and spoiled.
Can't wait. 
She deserves it. 

I always feel like I don't deserve such love and devotion.  Thanking the Lord for His gift to me...Wilson.  I'm a blessed woman.

We received an update on Sue Ling Friday:
I can't tell you what this picture did to me.  I just want, so badly, to love on this daughter of mine.  My heart hurts for her! 
As I looked at this picture, I began seeing myself in her.  Is that weird?  I feel like there are moments when I see a picture, or video, and think that she has our personality already.  Like she oozes me even though I didn't birth her.  When I looked at this picture, for the first time I saw a reflection of me in her face. 
A little mini me. 
It was almost like I could feel her presence next to me...helping me with things around the house.  Helping me load the dryer, set the table, making the bed.
Oh, I can't wait to feel her presence!
Please pray that the Lord will open up the door so that we can travel to get her in March.  Momma is not doing well with the wait!


  1. Love that Wilson! You both "have it bad" but it won't b long now! She is waiting for her wonderfully made parents!

  2. Our family advocated and prayed for Sue Ling (whom we called Beatrice) and my entire family was overjoyed to find this blog today. We now see where God "set" her and we are just so pleased. Love, the Roepnacks