Friday, July 31, 2015

There have been so many things going on in our lives....but not enough time to sit down and write!  Eventually I will find time to do some updating.  But until then, here are a few things that we have been doing:

We took pictures with Jennifer Rutledge this month.  Check out her gift of photography at  Sue Ling is the cover picture for her new Sessions of Hope.  Jennifer captured some wonderful pictures of our girl!

We were also given the pleasure of sharing some of our story on a web magazine called  Our friend Shelley Powers is using her gifts to put a little positive on the web.  The response we received from the article was overwhelming!  (At last count, our story has been shared 6,000 times on facebook).  We have been able to get in contact with people that have met Sue Ling.  People that share the same rare syndrome.  And families that have been touched by disabilities.  Sue Ling is making an imprint on many people, near and far.  Here is the article that, I hope, will encourage you to remember that "Kindness Matters".  Make a difference in your world.

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